Magnolia Cafe

Rebranding marketing campaign

Branding concept, design and illustration for logo, letterhead, business card, website, social media and packaging for the Thai Magnolia dessert bar & coffee cafe. A local cafe that attracts area college students and the general Thai population.


Magnolia flower logo symbolizes the cafe’s pleasant fragrance of freshly backed pastries and brewing coffee. The cafe’s brand is being established by the association with the magnolia tree. In Asian cultures the Magnolia tree symbolizes dignity, nobility, beauty and gentleness. Ideal for the delicate fragrant Thai pastries prepared daily.


The color palette represents a traditional Thailand color scheme. Typography in clouds Cambria, a typeface developed for the Windows operating system and readily available as an email and social media font. Roboto san serif typeface complements the Cambria serif face. Roboto was developed by Google for their mobile OS system. Making it readily available as a social media font.